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  •  How to successfully leverage social media instead of relying on just email to increase attendance during your launch.
  •  How to use 20% of the tactics that drive 80% of the results to execute your first launch or take your next launch to a new, record level.
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Do you have something great inside of you that you've been waiting to bring to people all around the world? 

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Anyone who wants to rapidly increase the size of your launch list with qualified buyers, sell more products and gain lifelong customers, or leverage your next launch to grow a community of raving fans.
Here's What You Get:
  • You get new, cutting-edge tactics that break down how we did a $305,000 launch on our client's first ever launch so you can use these same tactics in your very next launch.
  • You get to see how we combined a unique paid and organic social media strategy to layer on top of our email marketing campaign.
  • You get a strategy of how to first launch starting without a list or product, then how to grow your list and sell your first product, then to leverage your success to find JV partners to scale your launch results. 
  • You get to see how we leveraged building an amazing community to create a sense of connection attracting the best possible tribe of like-minded individuals in our industry.
  •  You get a full breakdown of the exact technology and software we used to put the launch together so you can add the same technologies to your software suite.
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Brian Burt
Multi-Million Dollar, Award Winning Amazon Seller & the #1 Amazon Influencer Marketing Expert in the World
"After a Quick Refueling Session at Launch Hacker Lab, My 7-Figure Launch is Officially Ready for Liftoff!"
"My nickname for him is Jeff "Cold Brew" Brewer because his launch strategies have given me the ice in my veins I needed to make $450,000 in revenue in one week from our launch that closed last week

I've now run more than ten 6-figure launches that have laid the foundation for my two 7-figure software companies so when it comes to the launch game there is little that I haven't seen or heard.  

That was, of course, until I heard Jeff speak at one of Russell Brunson's Mastermind events about his innovative and next level launch strategies. 

I could instantly see how tapped into the launch game he is and how much work he does behind the scenes to stay at the forefront of the industry. 

He's been my go-to launch strategist ever since and I won't do a launch without getting the latest insights from Jeff through the content he puts together in Launch Hacker Lab prior to each new launch." 
"Launch Hacker Lab Has Given Me Unique Insights to Quickly Launch My First Digital Course!"
"Jeff Brewer, Creator of Launch Hacker Lab, is an incredible strategist and a thought partner every business leader who wants to have a substantial impact on their digital footprint should have on their side. 

He has an uncanny ability to distil volumes of information and choice points into a clear, streamlined path to successful results. 

He has a unique combination of maturity, calm, and his experience is 100% plugged into up-to-date market research, cultural trends, and cutting-edge strategies. 

Each time I speak with Jeff I get clarity, inspiration, and insight into the latest digital marketing strategies and the best way to level up our product launch game.

I couldn't believe how much of what he taught me was illustrated in the Launch Swipe File. I'd highly recommend anyone looking to learn about launching a new business online or taking their launch to the next level get their hands on this awesome gift while it's still available."
Michelle Lange
Marketing & Media Strategist
CEO & Founder, M Lange Media
Bryan Bowman
Leading E-commerce Expert 
Founder, Ecomm Underground
"Simply put, I owe my 
launch to Jeff Brewer and 
Launch Hacker Lab."

"Simply put, I owe my launch to Jeff Brewer and Launch Hacker Lab. As, entrepreneurs, we have so many ideas, but sometimes we're our own worst enemy and we can make ourselves get stuck. 

Jeff has an uncanny ability to synthesize the launch process into actionable and logistical steps. 

His methodology allowed me to dive deep into my prospects WHY so that I can serve them in the absolute best way possible. 

After going through his actionable steps, I now have a meticulously crafted launch strategy to help guarantee success on our newest launch and I owe it all to Jeff AKA 'The Launch Oracle' Brewer.

Launch Hacker Lab has given me the confidence and clarity to know that it's not a matter of is my launch going to be successful or not, it's only a matter of how successful is my launch going to be!"
"Launch Hacker Lab Has 
Given Us the Winning Hand to Go ALL-IN On Ourselves!"
"As a leading poker education destination, our team at Upswing Poker knew that we wanted to launch our first online digital course, but we didn't know what expert to turn to or what process to follow to help make sure our launch was a success. 

When we were able to talk to Jeff Brewer regarding our launch and hear about his innovative launch strategies, it was instantly clear that he was our guy to put this launch into action and make it successful. 

He coached and provided a step-by-step roadmap for each person on our marketing team to follow. From start to finish the launch was executed with great success as we finished our first internal launch and made an amazing $305,000 in 5 Days.

We couldn't have been happier with the results from the first launch and were able to take the strategy we learned to run multiple launches on our own. 

Six months later, we have supassed $1,000,000 in launch revenue and are taking the poker world by storm! All I can say is if you are you are not utlizing the strategies from Launch Hacker Lab, then you are not launching to your fullest potential." 

Fernando Habegger
World's Leading PLO Coach
PLO Expert, Upswing Poker
As You Can See...
The $305K Product Launch Swipe File Has Already Helped Many Launchers From
Around The World...
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As I mentioned before, this product launch swipe file is FREE. All I ask is that you help me cover the shipping and postage costs of $7.95 U.S. or $12.95 International, to get it to you anywhere in the world!

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You may be wondering why I'm giving away this amazing behind the scenes information from our $305,000 product launch for FREE... 

  • It's my way of saying thank you, for being a dedicated fan, subscriber, follower and someone who is seeking to work hard to take your launches to the next level. 
  • By helping your business grow I'm able to grow through contributing to your success. In a world with a lot of noise and fluff content that doesn't bring value, I strive to prove to you that the content and information about launches I provide for FREE will definitely bring value to you in a way that no one else has before.  
  • I get another one of my FREE products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy other paid stuff from me in the future.
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Jeff Brewer
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